Services: The Discover Your Career Direction Program

"People succeed because they have the natural talent and style needed; when they fail it is because they don't fit what is needed.  Learn to identify your natural talents and the nature of your motivation to use those talents".  Arthur F. Miller, Jr.

Clarity   *   Focus   *  Confidence

Build a solid foundation for informed decicsion making using the Myers-Briggs Type Indictor (MBTI), The Strong Interest Inventory , Values Indicator, and other assessments to establish the self-knowledge critical for career success and satisfaction. Essential for anyone confronted with "what next?" decision making.


Whether you require short-term or long-term career management, a customized coaching program will help you navigate confidently into a more satisfying career future.

Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching

Initial Consultation - Are you curious about how a career coach works?  Meet with Gladys Kartin in a comfortable and productive working session to experience the process.  You will walk away with new insights to apply to your current situation.  


Self-Awareness Foundation 101 - Review information from various assessment resources and connect the dots to clarity, focus and confidence.  


Job Search Coaching - Job search not gaining traction?  What habits and beliefs are holding you back?


Interview Preparation - Learn strategies to turn your interview into a conversation away from an interrogation.  Bring relevant job information to session.  


Decoding the Job Description - Most job descriptions are not always helpful.  Let's decode this together so you can learn to write and speak to the needs. 


Networking for Introverts - You have a unique style and prefer one to one conversations.  Leverage your style to maximize your connections. 


Performance Review - Learn how to turn your performance review into a meaningful conversation that you and your manager can benefit from and actually enjoy.


Professional Development Coaching - Are you sensing that your behavior/results could use improvement?  Bring your current performance review and learn strategies to get yourself back on track.

Job Search Strategies:

LinkedIn Profile - The Google name search has become the new resume. What better place to sell your value than on LinkedIn.


Informational Interviews - How to write an engaging meeting request and prepare relevant questions.


Networking for Everyone - Learn to network based on who you are and select the best networking venues for more satisfying results. Want to take your networking to a new level, learn what next steps you could implement.


Resume Critique and Feedback - Is your resume leading to interviews? Constructive feedback provided with immediate suggestions for improvement. Client brings 2 -3 positions of interest.


Cover Letter Feedback - A mediocre cover letter can be a missed opportunity to provide additional context to your resume. Learn to craft a cover letter to speak to the reader's needs.

New Grad:

New Grad Consultation - Congratulations, you are now officially in your student to emerging careerist transition. This appointment will steer you away from overwhelm to managable next step planning.


Assessment Review - Build your foundtion of self-knowledge for informed decision making. Move from feeling unsure to confident.


Coaching - Ongoing strategy coaching to successfully navigate your job search campaign customized to your needs