Gladys Kartin: Improving Your Work Life

Gladys Kartin is no stranger to managing career change transitions.  She worked in many different fields until finding her best fit, her right livelihood.  Gladys found her specialization in guiding individuals in career confusion seeking next step planning for career direction.


Fast forward to today, Gladys enjoys the immense satisfaction of doing work she loves – it is most rewarding to work with individuals providing the “career education” they never had so they can remain confident and resilient to manage the ever-changing work environment. 


Gladys obtained her MBTI Certification and The Strong Interest Inventory Certification over 15 years ago and has added a variety of additional assessments and resources to customize the coaching and results achieved.  Gladys has the unique ability to connect the dots of information providing insights to move forward with greater ease.


Gladys works with students in the Mathematics in Finance Masters Program at the Courant Institute NYU providing a variety of career services. and with first year  MBA students delivering mock interviewing coaching.  She has also contributed content to a variety of websites including Quint Careers and Career Builders.   Gladys has provided hundreds of resume critiques for several Women for Hire events.



"Whenever a significant contribution is made in medicine or sports or science or art or business or government or any other endeavor, a recurring theme is observed.  The contribution was made possible because the result was propelled by a strong, passionate desire to make use of those gifts in a personally meaningnful way.  


The lesson is clear for people of all ages who want their lives to make a difference.  Identify your gifts and the nature of your motivation to use those gifts.


Select and remain in a vocation, which engages your gifts and your heart".  Arthur F. Miller, Jr.