Career Planning, Strategies and Coaching

"Finally, I got the job I wanted.  It was a tough decision to decline an offer I had.  I still think that without your guidance and support I would not have had the confidence to go for what I really wanted.  I might have accepted the offer that did not fit my current life circumstances, and equally important it would not have fit who I am.  I am forever grateful for what you did for me, and I'm still benefitting from it". 

Alice B. U.S. Embassy, Vienna, Austria



If You Are...

  • A college student undecided about a major
  • Entering the workforce for the first time
  • A new careerist, uncertain about next step decisions
  •  transitioning mother thinking about returning to work
  • Thinking about a career or job change
  •  Looking to advance in your current position
  • Currently unemployed
  • Overwhelmed by the job search process


Gladys Kartin specializes in guiding individuals seeking a good career fit through personalized career coaching designed to build a foundation of self-awareness providing a "career map" for current and future career decision making. 


Some options to customize your coaching to meet your personal needs...

  • Take the MBTI and The Strong Interest Inventory Assessments
  • Identify your work values, strengths and skills
  • Establish your career profile summary
  • Create your career branding statement
  • Update your resume and cover letter
  • Interview with confidence
  • Launch an effective and targeted job search
  • Become more confident going forward
  • And more resources to maximize your results


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and starting on the first one."   Mark Twain

See for yourself...


To gain a better understanding of what I do and what I can do for you have a look at a story from a past  client.


Ruth F, turning 50 and initiating a new employment opportunity.


What is your non-negotiable?  Turning 50 for anyone presents an opportunity to take a long view of the previous decades.  How have we spent out time and what have we accomplished?  The fifth decade positions us for contemplating what could be different as we enter the third state of our lives.  Following is a story of how one working mother resolved her career and life transition needs.


I have had the pleasure of working with R when she was between employment responsibilities.  Previously employed 5 days a week, she really yearned for a 3 day work week, but realized that wish would have to yield to a 4 day work week.  She is a busy and well organized  single mother of four and she realized that not working on Friday would allow her to have that breathing space she needed without compromising her work responsibilities.  Our conversations helped her realize that a four day work week is a non-negotiable.  R created her list of prioritized criteria for her next employment situation.  She is an accountant by training and has used that tenacity for detail along with her superb people skills to enlarge her work role opportunities and responsibilities.


She had recently interviewed with a non-profit organization whose purpose and mission is something she would be proud to support.  The work responsibilities and her work experience were the perfect fit the senior management were looking for.  The four day a week requirement was requested with the reassurance that she would be available for unusual circumstances.  R had prepared many anecdotal stories reflecting her ability to deftly manage work responsibilities and meet performance goals.  This non-profit maintained their 5 day work requirement and R  maintained her non-negotiable 4 day work requirement.  R was their first choice, they hired their second choice and this person did not last the year. 


Shortly after, another company in a different industry had an opening that R interviewed for.  R  is pleased to report that her 4 day work week is in place.  R doesn't miss a beat, performance and results are in place.  R's current company provides Blackberry's for their senior level staff and R is able to manage whatever comes up on her Friday off including conference calls.


Lesson learned - identify your most important criteria, the must haves for your present circumstances.  Prepare relevant situations demonstrating your past experience to successfully meet potential new employer needs.