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Become a host family

Ordinary homestay program

  • Charge $1100 per month inclusive of three meals per day
  • Charge students directly
  • Fees for students on leave will be half of normal fees。Host families are required to reserve rooms for students until their return
  • If the host family goes away, the host family should refund the student to pay for another host family, or arrange for someone else to take care of the student at home

Full-time students will be offered monthly accommodation ranging from one month to one year。Please refer to theApplication Form (PDF)Back of the homestay agreement。

Students under the age of 19 need to have their host family sign a notarized guardianship document before they can live with the family。
If you accept students under 19 years of age, the College homestay Advisor will contact you for arrangements。


Family visits

Homestay fees are $60 PER person per day and prior arrangements must be made with a homestay counsellor and/or the host family。

Summer/Winter Camp Study Tour Homestay Programme

Summer/Winter camp Study Tour Short course lasts 3-4 weeks

Please refer to the following information:

  • Endow each family with two or more students。Students can share a bedroom or have their own bedrooms provided there are enough beds in the room。
  • Upon arrival, students are picked up at Coquitlam College to return to their host families。
  • Students must be transported from the college by car
  • The pay is $60 per day.00 Canadian dollars and a cheque will be issued by the Institute at the end of the course
  • T4 A will be issued by the end of the year

Now apply for

If you are interested in becoming a homestay, please complete and submit an application form。Your application will be held for one year unless otherwise requested。新浦金App根据需要与家庭进行面谈;新浦金App没有按申请日期排列的等候名单。If a student's application requires a family with young children, we will interview the family with young children。

Homestay Application Form